Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Got the First One Out of the Way

Whew!  First meeting is done and, I think, it went pretty well.  Unfortunately, our Defensive Coordinator didn't make it to the meeting tonight and missed all the minutia.  I'll have to go over that with him soon. Most of the meeting was spent with me talking about expectations, philosophies, ethics, and fun stuff like that but it's important to make sure we are all on the same foundation.  We ran out of time to start any planning.  That will have to be next meeting.

I am a bit worried that, because I did all the talking tonight, they are going to expect the same the next few meetings.  It's a catch-22.  You want to set a good foundation which, typically, is pretty one-sided but you want to build the coaching team so that they share information freely.  I know, I know.  It takes more than one meeting to build a team and team cohesiveness.  Just wish I could put Miracle Grow on the process and excelerate it a bit..... patients grasshopper...patients.  

I'm feeling a bit better after talking to my offensive coordinator.  He and I were the assistant coaches last year who took over after the head coach moved out of the state for employement.  My offensive coordinator and I appear to be almost identical in philosophy and ideology of coaching and I love it.

I have a to-do list from the meeting but not too lengthy.  The most important thing is to try to find a day we can all meet before next Tuesday's Parents meeting.  I have to make some quick phone calls tomorrow and spread the word.

Most of this is the "easy" stuff.  The planning of the year and practice formats are going to be tough stuff at first until we get the hang of them....including me!  I know we can do it but we need just get past the rough start.

That's all for tonight.  My bed is calling to me and I have to be ready for a busy day at work tomorrow!

Skate safe ya'll

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