Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Planning, Planning, and More Planning and Getting Tired of Planning

We held our second coaches meeting this past Monday but only three coaches could make it.  My offensive coach was called back into work on an emergency.  We did get some good ideas of where we wanted to go defensively and goalie-wise and I'm trying to work these ideas into an overall year plan.  We also spent a bit of time discussing the next day's Parents Meeting and finalized that.

On Tuesday, I stayed home from work in order to get work AND hockey things done.  Unfortunately, a rootkit malware virus infected one of our work computers late Monday night and throughout the night I received over 22K email warnings... One for every time the anti-malware software blocked any nafarious activities of the rootkit. Do you KNOW how long it takes to clean up 22K emails!  Not to mention that my Blackberry received every one of them as well!  It killed my Blackberry and the company's BES server and these weren't fully restored until today (Wednesday).  So, hockey things were done in-between cleanups and dealing with the fallout of all the work "stuff."

Tuesday's parent meeting went well, I think.  I did most of the talking to parents who sat it stunned silence. I think I overwhelmed them with thoroughness.  The only thing I really heard was that I was OBVIOUSLY not "green" given all the printouts I had.

Tonight (Wednesday), I prepared for the Association's Coaches Meeting tomorrow by collecting all the certifications for my Squirt Team coaches.  In addition, I designed LOTS of evaluation drills (using the fancy smancy new software) in order to evaluate the kids during the first week of practice.

I'm so OVER planning for hockey but realize we still have a lot to do.  I JUST want to execute instead of plan. But planning time it is.  (Sigh)

Enough for tonight.  I gotta get to sleep so I can face work tomorrow. 

Stay safe and avoid thin ice!

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ciyrose said...

Well, perhaps the "obviously not green" part means you have so much planned that they have confidence in you. :)